Klaus Nomi is My Hero

Sorry this is a little late, but here are some pics from Halloween. I was a silent movie actress. Most preferably Mary Pickford. My friend threw a Halloween part which was way cool. Hope you guys had fun. Sorry for the lateness. Haha!

16 eskimo kisses:

clairegrenade said...

gotta love the makeup!

i don't know if you've done one of these before,
but i have tagged ya

you can see mah blog for details

you can choose whether or not ya want to do it!

Sondra said...

That's a really cool Halloween idea! Love the makeup. :D

Tru said...

cool costume...especially like the lipstick

Rebelle Zine said...

this costume is amazing!!!

inabeena said...

Mary pickford = EPIC! lovely lovely halloween costume. i wish i had dressed up :(. I was girl in a hoodie wearing a sailor hat, NOT COOL! :((

fashion junkies said...

your costume was so cool!!


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Anonymous said...

your hair looks amazing. and the dress is wonderful.


Marina said...

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Ana said...

Haha nice facial expresions :-P
I can totally see that lipstick in some editorial.

Sam said...

That costume is really cool! Too bad we don't have halloween here

Malena said...

The costume looks perfect, and its a really great idea as well. I linked you blog.

Isabel said...

Whoah, you got that silent movie makeup DOWN.

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