Im in Paris in my grandmas room and its gorgeous!
P.S i think i spelled that wrong! wat r u doing for the summer or winter depending on what side of the equater(think spelled that wrong too) you are onn??


Yes I am French.

Well I am half French ;). My mom is American and my dad is French. I live in LA with my mom and my dad lives in Paris. Every year i go to Paris to visit him. Im leaving this Tuesday, so sorry if i dont get to post very often. Oh and im also going to Italy! Ciao


Its a Hoedown.

I gots ta haircut...!


My Graduation!

This is what i wore at my grad. The shoes are Miu Miu and the dress i found at goodwill! Ya you heard me.....GOODWILL! For only 13 buckeroonies! I think the dress is from the fifties because i looked up the designer and it said that she designed for president wives during the fifties! How cool is that!

My mom and I

After the grad we went to Mel's diner and ate breakfast!
This picture shows how insane i am.



Ahhh today it was 106 degrees! School was torture. We had rehearsal fro graduation fro 4 hours in the hott hott hott air! At least todays my last day and tomorrow is graduation! Yayay!!!


Hooky is the Name of the Game!

Today i played Hooky! I knew we werent going to do anything at school, since i get out this Thursday! Ahh it felt so good to be home! I will post more pics later.


It Wasnt a Rock it was a Rock Lobster!

Today i went to school (yes im still in school. UGH!) and we had a picnic. It was really fun. There was also a dance which was also funn. When i got home i was very tired and took a mini nap. The rest of the day i just listened to music (Rock Lobster/The B-52's, hence the title) and chilled.

Shirt: ?
Shorts: Council Thrift Shop
Shoes: Council Thrift Shop
Sunglasses: Wasteland


Caterpillar Sheds its Skin to Find the Butterfly Within

Dress: Jet Rag
Shoes: Council Thrift Shop



AHHHH i wish school would be over! Maybe ide finally know what it would be like to be freeeee!


My name in Old Viking/Scandinavian is Skadi.


What i wore today

Dress: Sqaures Villes
Shoes: Rite Aid
Socks: Moms closet
Purse(not shown): Council Thrift Shop


I was searching through the web and i found this fantastic picture.
I love theeee braid. Ive never seen anything like it before. I want to try it out
but it looks kind of difficult. Ill try it anyways. Thought ide share this beautiful
picture with all of you.