Home From School!

Just another day in the life of skinny lips a.k.a Shade(ME)!! Well this is what i wore to school today. And by the way i have something deelish for you guys. Just scroll down.
So in gym today, being the crazy person i am, the image of Grease Lightning came up. The image when the guys slide on their knees. Well I decide to try but BAM!! I hit the ground, sort of slide, and i get major burns on my knees. How wonderful! So now my knees really burn. Burning Knees! Hey that's a great name for a band! Well MEOW MEOW!

Shirt: Jean Paul Gaultier
Shorts: Aardvarks(Levi cutoffs)
Blazer: Council Thrift Shop(DKNY)
Shoes: Rite Aid
School Bag: Follow Your Heart Organic Grocery
Books: French Book and notebook hahah


Adding Sound To Movies would be like putting lipstick on the Venus de Milo

Dress: Aardvarks
Shoes: Thrifted


I just cant get ENOUGH!

Yo its SHADE! From the block and this SALAD is making me jump. DANCE DANCE Cause you cant get enough!

5 Things that are inspiring
me at the Momento


Afros and large windows

Denim and fuzzy beards

this speaks for itself

A Little VIDEO


In My Room You'll Find the Fancy brought to You By Cousin Nancy

NOt only are you aggressive but you totally turn me off

Work that dead fish

Meow Meow Meow

You Dont Own ME

Im NOT one of your little toys

Accentuate your Cockney accent to express your love for fashion

This is meant to be understood