HAPPY TUESDAY. Just got home from school. Soo tired i had alot of tests today. Glad its all over. PHEW! BTW I received a scholarship to go the National Ballet of Antwerp summer intensive! Im really excited and ive never been to Antwerp before so i am very very excited. Im wearing a dress from Jetrag 1 dollar sale which is theee best place ever and my hat is from the council thrift store, shoes from another thrift store and the purse is Kenzo. Hope you all had a splendid tuesday cant wait for Friday hahah. OH! and the belt is from my grandma.


Here is my 90s outfit of the day. It happened accidently actually. After i put it on it reminded me of the 90s which is weird because the 90s era is probably my least favorite in terms of fashion. But wadda ya know neva say neva. BTW sorry for all of these ghetto photobooth pics but i do not have a camera at zee moment. AND if any you went to Coachella i hope you had a GREAT TIME. hahahah

green shirt: Jetrag
skirt: goodwill


Hey wats up. Just playin around ya know yaya