Look What the Cat Dragged in!

Today I got these Babies in the MAIL!!! Arent they just a dream?? Ahhh I love them!

Here are some pictures of my first outfit with these beauties!

Shirt: Los Angeles Science Museum (customized)
Skirt: Actually a tube top. use to be my mum's
Sweater: one dollar store
Shoes: Reeboks!!


This Trumpet in my Head

Today i saw Lykke Li in an IN STORE performance at AMOEBA! It was so great and intimate. She is so cute. I really liked her vibe and she is a great performer. There was also a signing after the show. So i got my CD signed! SOOOO COOOOLLLL!! Here are some pics. ENJOY! GET HER CD BECAUSE SHE NEEDS NEW SHOES(THATS WHAT SHE SAID WHEN THE PERFORMANCE WAS OVER!)!!!


Stand and Deliver

Today the day was spent home alone and this is what happened!

After this mini photoshoot or whatever you want to call it i had this for lunch. Cucumber sandwich and a salad!

Then i decided to watch trailers of movies i want to see!

The Dutchess

I absolutely adore Keira Knightley

This just looks GREAT!


Last Night a DJ Killed My Dog

My never ending collection of Pop out Lens Glasses


Italy 2008!!

Having some drinks in Pesaro

On the train again

A the beach in Riminy

Up some stairs

In Urbino, an old Medieval town

In urbino

Taking a rest

Favorite picture haha

My aunts dog deffy

At the beach

At the train station to go to Riminy

Next to a condom machine. They were all over Riminy......hmmmm


Waiting for the bus



At the train station to go to Pesaro, Italy to visit my aunt

Trying desperately to sleep

On the train to Italy

Looking out the window of the train


Walking along the Colosseum

France 2008!!

Walking in Paris with my grandma

Taking the train from Lyon. Going back to Paris

My mom and I

Hahah Tecktonik anyone?

The morning

Waking up

Riding through a park in Lyon

On the balcony of a friends house in Lyon

In Lyon

My favorite little guy

An old Roman ruin in Lyon where they have concerts now


In a boat

Rowing down the river

In front of Chateau de Vincennes

Chateau de Vincennes

In the maids room

My grandmas apartment

In the courtyard of my grandmas apartment

In front of Notre Dame

In the metro