New Purchases

It was my cousins birthday and we went shopping at this vintage store 
called Squares Ville. Its such a great store, they have so many nice things there. 
I was so happy because i finally got a pair of new heels. YES!~!~ I have to say the dress looks way better on than on a hanger. Wish i had a colorful wall, it might've brightened the picture up a little.  



It was one of those nights when it was really late and you just don't want to go to bed yet.
So you decide to get into something other than your pj's and take Pictures.


Extremely exciting!

At my dance studio i found something most exciting! A Bergdorg Goodman Catalog. It was lying on a table and i just couldnt pass it up. Of course i asked if it was any ones and it wasnt! So i decided to keep it! Its fantastic. And it is the 2008 issue. I love how it has one side womans fashion and then the other side mens fashion. I love looking at the Mens Fashion section!


What i wore today.


Shirt:Self made
Pants: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Rite Aid
Bag: Prada Shoe bag  




Goofing around with my step dad at the grad.
My mom looks so gorgeous. She's wearing her Chanel boots that she bought in Paris.
Today my mom graduated with a bachelors degree!! How exciting is that? Im so proud of her.



The Weather today was 104, and i just couldn't take it anymore so my mother and I went to the beach! It was so nice. The weather was beautiful and the water was so refreshing. Before we went to the beach i picked some reading material to enjoy. I picked up British Vogue and Australian Vogue.



Today i took a walk to my favorite thrift shop a.k.a The Council Thrift Shop. At first i was going to ride my bicycle there but i didn't have my bike lock so instead i walked. At first i didn't really like the idea since it was like 100 degrees out. but actually the walk wasn't so bad. i purchased a only a few things. 
Here they are.  

Im deciding whether or not to cut the shoulder pads out or keep them.

This hat is so ugly yet at the same time so cool. I love how is says Wyoming on the front.
So cheezy. HA

Its Time To Think; Wink

Carrots make 
you see 
in the Dark!


Sunny Days

The Weather is nice this evening which makes everything the merrier


Made in the Shade

Welcome to my NEW BLOg!