Home From School!

Just another day in the life of skinny lips a.k.a Shade(ME)!! Well this is what i wore to school today. And by the way i have something deelish for you guys. Just scroll down.
So in gym today, being the crazy person i am, the image of Grease Lightning came up. The image when the guys slide on their knees. Well I decide to try but BAM!! I hit the ground, sort of slide, and i get major burns on my knees. How wonderful! So now my knees really burn. Burning Knees! Hey that's a great name for a band! Well MEOW MEOW!

Shirt: Jean Paul Gaultier
Shorts: Aardvarks(Levi cutoffs)
Blazer: Council Thrift Shop(DKNY)
Shoes: Rite Aid
School Bag: Follow Your Heart Organic Grocery
Books: French Book and notebook hahah

14 eskimo kisses:

M said...

HAHA at your dance.
And i'm loving the shorts ;)

Nature Grafitti said...

lovee these photos/the videoooo
happy halloween!! i made you a gift:

Mimi said...

Haha you're freaky but cool.The shirt, glasses and cutoffs are faultless.love your school bag.

caro. said...

ahaha, we did Grease as one of our 8th grade plays and the boys had sooo much trouble learning that! they had to wear kneepads.

and I love the blazer . . . go plaid!

Martine said...

freaking awesome outfit!

this wheel's on fire said...

haha i love your expressions! your blog is terrific :)

clairegrenade said...


Anonymous said...

love that shirt

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your short. awesome ness. pure inspiration. right. here.

Anonymous said...

sweet glasses!

Looks like you are into ballet/dance?
I did that pro in Toronto in my late teens. My heart lives in Jazz tho, for certain.

X|O LuVvy

Victoria-Olivia said...

Such cute pics! Lovely outfit.all of it.

MR style said...

i love your shoes !! so preppy !!

Isabel said...

I love that outfit, you are funny and gorgeous.

AFitz said...

Dayumn girl, work it.
This is like Geek Chic in the non-generic typical hipster way.