I just cant get ENOUGH!

Yo its SHADE! From the block and this SALAD is making me jump. DANCE DANCE Cause you cant get enough!

5 Things that are inspiring
me at the Momento


Afros and large windows

Denim and fuzzy beards

this speaks for itself

A Little VIDEO

6 eskimo kisses:

Cakemaster said...

SHADE! What an awesome name. That dance vid is pretty awesome/weird!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that dance video, is it considered modern ballet? It's cool. And your voice matches your face!

clairegrenade said...

That ballet video just blew my mind up towards the ceiling & back into my head

every move stuck!

i love your style, cherie keep it up!

Anonymous said...

aww what a cute post!

Tavi said...

Shade is the coolest name ever.
Seriously, dude.

Your voice is so pretty and you seem so down-to-earth! Also, you're on weardrobe.com if you wanna take a look...

Ess Elsie. said...

that dance video is ridick awesome. the entire time i literally could not peel away my eyes.

and your name is awesome!