Listen to Your Body!

Maaaaa Haaaaa!!! Yes i disappeared but now IM BACK! Ahhh Ive been so busy and Really Really Really Tired! As you can see! I have so much hw and so much dance! Arghh ARghh!! I get home at about 9:30 everynight on dance days and then i have hw!!! So i havent had time to update or take pictures. But i have been wearing lots and lots of scrumdiliumtios outfits. I realized i have worn something different ever since school started. Meaning i havent repeated one article of clothing. WHich is Insane.

Plans For This Weekend?

Well on friday there is a football game at my school, so me and my friends are thinking of going to CPK {California Pizza Kitchen}then go to the football game so that should be funnn! Meow!

On Saturday i Have dance MAAAAA HAAA!

On Sunday im meeting my friend at the promenade in Santa Monica and we are going to wear sophisticated side ponytails. RIBET RIBET!

15 eskimo kisses:

hazel said...

that band is too weird.

nice picture.

ashleigh said...

welcome baccck! i was wondering were you'd gotten yourself to.

hope school is going well :)

have a good weekend!

inabeena said...

i just discovered your blog today! dannnggg you are insane! (in a good way) ;). would you like to swap links? :)
will be tuning in! ina :)

Nature Grafitti said...

love the glasses!!!
care to swap links?

laabigna said...

i discovered your blog today, and I adore it!

Andie said...

i discovered your blog just now, and it looks awesome! mind if we swap links? :D


Tavi said...

Haha funny picture! I loooooove CPK.
You've been mentioned on my blog, btw :)

Tru said...

love your pictures they're great and the blog....would you like to exchange links?

saray said...

haha the picture is great!!

welcome back :)

madador said...

Do you like my ponytail?
haha I love them

Anyways your blog is off the heezy
(hook, chain, not deep end)

Stevie K. said...

Hot glasses.
And Natlie Portman's Shaved Head! Great video for that song.

MEAGHAN!? said...

girl you just started highschool? i thought you were way older. cute blog.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

nice picture...
great blog too. would you like to trade links with me?

Nature Grafitti said...

where oh where have you gone?
i miss your quirky, cute posts ;)

caro. said...

cpk & promenade = awesome. go to wasteland on 4th!!!