Caring is Creepy

Its the end of summer!!! Tomorrow school starts! This day should mark the day when i can wear tights and blazers!!! BUT its too hot where i live. It will start getting cold probably in october i guess! Ahhh I start High School! My Locker is 50,00 bagillion miles away from my classes. How did this even work out!!?? I cant be lazy anymore! My weeks are going to be sooo busy! Im excited for that! School from 8 to 3 then dance for about 4 hours after school! YIKES and YAY at the same time!!! Today i start dance again from 5:30 to 9:15. Im excited to go back to dancing. And im on the company and we are learning theeee best dances. BY the way i go to Los Angeles Ballet Academy. *sighs* [Its all GOOD.]

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Malena said...

Oh you are so funny. :) i like how almost all of your sentences ended with exclamation marks
high school just started for me too

ashleigh said...

oh i miss highschool. i can tell your clearly excited with all the !'s :)

you're adorable.

ashleigh said...

p.s i love the shins, and if your title has no relevance to them then forget what i said haha.

Stevie K. said...

Have fun at school! And dance!

MR style said...

hahahha yes creepy !! but nice vogue collection

Mr. Brilliant said...

Can's say any thing.... Ha ha ha.

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avputries said...

what grade are you in? its so cool for you to have a 4 hour routine there. because i dont and I LOVE BALLET.

Anonymous said...