Today i took a walk to my favorite thrift shop a.k.a The Council Thrift Shop. At first i was going to ride my bicycle there but i didn't have my bike lock so instead i walked. At first i didn't really like the idea since it was like 100 degrees out. but actually the walk wasn't so bad. i purchased a only a few things. 
Here they are.  

Im deciding whether or not to cut the shoulder pads out or keep them.

This hat is so ugly yet at the same time so cool. I love how is says Wyoming on the front.
So cheezy. HA

2 eskimo kisses:

Tavi said...

Nice blog you got here, thanks for the comment on mine! Awesome hat.
I got my music player at www.myflashfetish.com. It's pretty easy and self-explanatory once you get there.
As for my header. You go to the blogger dashboard and go to "manage: layout." You'll see at the top the header, just click edit. Then it will let you download a picture to have either in front or in back of the title. I created my image with a free trial of photoshop. I made an earlier April post with free picture editing links that you might find helpful.
Hope that answers your question! Keep up with the posts!!

Calu said...

hey i like your blog!
the colors are great and i loved the clothes that you dressed in "sunny days"
sorry if i wrote something badly.
i'm from Argentina and yet i don't know how to speak English very well