The Weather today was 104, and i just couldn't take it anymore so my mother and I went to the beach! It was so nice. The weather was beautiful and the water was so refreshing. Before we went to the beach i picked some reading material to enjoy. I picked up British Vogue and Australian Vogue.

3 eskimo kisses:

Wendy said...

Cute blog. It was really hot the past two days but today it got too cold for the beach where I live.

Tavi said...

I got that Vogue too (the British one) it's absolutely fantastic.
For the record, I wouldn't buy Australian vogue. It's pretty expensive and I heard from another blogger that they use old articles from other Vogues. No creativity, just not worth the money.

nv said...

ah I love the beach, I just went last weekend too. But I forgot to bring magazines! Eep