Here is my 90s outfit of the day. It happened accidently actually. After i put it on it reminded me of the 90s which is weird because the 90s era is probably my least favorite in terms of fashion. But wadda ya know neva say neva. BTW sorry for all of these ghetto photobooth pics but i do not have a camera at zee moment. AND if any you went to Coachella i hope you had a GREAT TIME. hahahah

green shirt: Jetrag
skirt: goodwill

4 eskimo kisses:

DuckyGirl said...

oooh pretty colors.
makes one happy.

Isabel said...

This outfit is awesome, probably becaue I adore the 90s! The shirt/skirt look so good together.

bravegrrl said...

cute cropped t!


katrina said...

i adore the skirt.