Bonne Homme

Indian Food
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Birthday Wishes
Potluck in the Park
Santa Monica Besties
The Valley
Macaroni Salad
Fat women in nothing but bras
Red lipstick
Virgin Sacrifice
Hide and Seek
More to come

8 eskimo kisses:

Carla said...

so, your one of the coolest people that have blogs that i read and want all your clothes

garbage museum said...

of course link away!!/


Anonymous said...

salut bonhomme, salut bonnehomme, c'est toi le bonhomme de carnival...

laurier said...

you are cuter than a box full of kittens.

Savile said...

I guess ill give you an eskimo kiss

Anyways i love your oufits. Wanna be affliaties? And i love thse shirt you wear in the cupcake pics.

Daniela said...

OMG. thats vanessa. hahah sorry im her friend from out of school. next time u see her show her this comment. hahaha. (btw this is daniela) oh... and did she by any chance lend u the skirt ur wearing in these pics? because i lended her one that looked like that a while ago and never got it back...coughcough...which she has a tendency of doing.... :)

Anonymous said...


iris said...

lovely photographs! looks like a lot of fun