Thats Right

Im Back from Paris. Just got in yesterday. So funnnn! Im going to do a post of all the delicious things i got, so get prepared! Im not sure if i will put it all in one post, mabey a few. I will see. I can tell you are all very excited.

Sadly my hair isnt this long anymore. I got a haircut in Paris and i asked fro a trim but this guy took so much off. But dont worry its not like I have a bob or anything like that. Its just a little past my shoulders. Thank god my hair grows fast because i like long hair. But you know my hair does feel really healthy. So mabey it was meant to be. Catch you all later. ;)

4 eskimo kisses:

Eilidh said...

Thanks for the comment (:

Wow I really want to go to Paris now!

Vintage Vinyl said...

You're back! Wonderful. I am so excited to see all the lovely things you bought. If you can, would you be able to let me in on some of the best places to shop for cheap clothes?

Wendy said...

Can not wait to see your purchases and photos!

Anonymous said...

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