Italy 2008!!

Having some drinks in Pesaro

On the train again

A the beach in Riminy

Up some stairs

In Urbino, an old Medieval town

In urbino

Taking a rest

Favorite picture haha

My aunts dog deffy

At the beach

At the train station to go to Riminy

Next to a condom machine. They were all over Riminy......hmmmm


Waiting for the bus



At the train station to go to Pesaro, Italy to visit my aunt

Trying desperately to sleep

On the train to Italy

Looking out the window of the train


Walking along the Colosseum

21 eskimo kisses:

LEESH said...

i love love love your black tank/trouser combo and the floral dress with black tights. great!!

Miss Victory said...

You always manage to look extremely hip. Even when you're aleep! Well done with that.

bonjour girl said...

i love your blog. and your style. adding you to my links!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Shade is your name?? ♥
I just love that, very cool.

Thanks for the comment xx

Dapper Kid said...

Oh wow these photographs look wonderful!! And thank you so much for the lovely comment dear :)

Victoria Stansbury said...

I own that last purple skirt from American Apparel! woo. Anyways, I like your outfits. I wanna go on a trip there, it seems really amazing.

Chip said...

rock it, you go gurl

Kira Fashion said...

fantastic place and blog, i love this scooter, i wanna buy mine!!! heheh

love your blog,
let´s be in touch,

a kiss,
see you,

bonjour girl said...

i go to a nearby arts college for a program on fashion design. we get to make a garment and learn about pattern making and construction.

J e s s i c a said...

You are so lucky to have been to Italy and France.
And you look so much like your mother !! whoah.
She looks like your siter.
(show her what i wrote she'll like it ahaha)

J e s s i c a said...

and by siter i meant sister :)
little mistake.

ashleigh said...

ohhh your style is so great! how do u still manage to look gorgeous whilst trekking around sightseeing. you're definately dedicated. and you look great doing so!

looks like you had a great time. i think its my dream to have a friend/family member live in paris.. ahh imagine!

p.s i loveee your blog its hilarious, fun and inspiring :)

Biianca said...

great outfits!! looks like an amazing time!

Wendy said...

I love photos, you look good in all of them.

MR style said...

god what a cool trip !! grazie for that

Dream on said...

thanks for the comment.
And what a lovely photo's!
you've got a great style.

Jenny H. said...

cute pictures :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Love the florals and black beach pants :)

Tavi said...

You totally look like a girl on facehunter in these pictures and the ones from the last post-not just because you have the setting but your OUTFITS are AMAZING! All the glasses and dresses. SO so so cute. I'm jel here.
Linking you :)

rosie. said...

ohh, i love your outfits!
my favorite is the black harem-style pants and the tank. :)

-- Rosie

Anonymous said...

my dearest myrtle,
you look absolutely smashing in every one of these lovely photographs.
i am truly stunned.

we must go thrift store shopping assoonaspossible.

~ gladis