My friends and I went to the Roxy monday night for this event called Spin the Bottle. Hahaha it was really funny because all the kids there were really young....we were prob the oldest ones there. But it was super fun anyways. Its hard to find underage clubs so when there is one its hard to pass it by. I mean who doesnt love dancing? The djs were all right. In the beginning it was mostly electronica music which was good but then towards the end the music became extremely ghetto. hahah but all in all it was a fun night. Pictures via the COBRASNAKE of course. :)

3 eskimo kisses:

Ina Seb said...

you look like you had a killer time! love the dress and that Einstein shirt!

man i need to go to a good party soon!

costra y ampolla said...

I´ve been feeling a little old these days, and Im NOT that old, so I get the awkwardness!!

It looks like you showed them how to party when they get older!!


Chip said...

oooo honeychild