Happy Summer everyone! I know this is late but its finally summer in sunny LA! I hope everyone is having a splendid summer break because i know i am. At the moment ive been sleeping in and hanging with friends. Tonight im going to a free concert at the Hammer Museum which should be fun! I know ive been a bad blogger but ya know life takes over. Hopefully ill have some more posts soon!

Shirt: some cheapo store (d0nt remember)
Pants: American Apparal Disco pant
Shoes: Vintage Cherokee
Sunglasses: flea market in Italy

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DuckyGirl said...

You live in LA too?
And about those AA disco pants... would you recommend wearing them when it's really warm outside?
I am curious about the affects of the weather when one is wearing the disco pant.

DuckyGirl said...
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I've alway want one of those American apparal disco pants.
Great pics!!!

Kylie said...

I can tell your a ballerina just by the way you pose, haha!
I didn't know your blog was still kicking around untill you commented on mine (so sweet, thanks darlin)! I used to love this your blog but then the posting slowed down so much I figured it was finished (?). I'll be checking back now that I know you're still heeeere!!


Chip said...