Hello All,

My Friend Zsela and I are starting our own fashion magazine called Damsel. We havent quite gotten everything together and figured out yet. But we are working hard to get it all started. We just wanted to reach out to any folks in the Los Angeles area between the ages 14-18 who would like to model or contribute in any way! We would love to get together with anyone who is willing to contribute their creative juices. If you are interested please email me (Shade) at babyshade94@yahoo.com and if you would like to model send a picture as well!
Hope you guys are interested!

Shade and Zsela >

*** Hahahah edit: we have decided not to put an age limit, anyone can help if they would like. MEOW

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Casey said...

Lovely idea! I wish I had a friends who would do fun things like start fashion magazines!

Not going to lie though, I'm a tad bit hurt that you have a 14-18 year old age limit. What's wrong with us 20-year-old Los Angelenos? Not that I could model or have anything to contribute, but I was just wondering. Ok, now I'm just sound silly. Ignore!

Let us all know when the first issue comes out :]

Chip said...

you can take my picture when I'm at coachella ;)

I'm llder than 18 tho oops

Lori said...

cool idea ;)

Emsy said...

Cool idea. I'd be delighted to contribute! :)