Sorry too many pics but i needed to make up for the lacking in posting. Business is everyone's excuse and it is mine too at the moment. Wish i had a better one. But basically school sucks and takes over your life. But stay positive! That is my special message for you today. 

8 eskimo kisses:

kirstie said...

really cool dress
school does take over your life :( it has mine too :(

L.P. said...

I see first pic and I am sad because it is too fancy and then I see pink socks and I am all YAY!

Way ta beeee.

macyaverage said...

very pretty dress

Jack McCready said...

I love those socks, very cute.


Andie said...

awesome dress! love the shoes and sockies!


IRIS and PIETER said...

ahhh the socks, so cute!

Nice and Shiny said...

What's this? A post? WOWZA!! I'm glad you've posted again, I savour your posts like... like something very tasty.

I espesially savour lovely sequined dresses. Good on ya girl!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment and let you know i love your blogger name
i happen to be a kid who occasionally has a fro